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Admin Commands

Discussion in 'Done' started by jda, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. Add/remove gems

    Like the Configurable Gem Boxes, it would be nice to be able to give/take gems and resources, possibly through a command in the terminal, such as:
    > give/take <player/some other identifiable thing> <amount> <resource>
    So I could do:
    > give jda 100 gems
    >take jda 50000 gold

    Just a suggestion that might be cool to add :)
  2. Ultra, do you think there's a way to add in a bunch of commands to the game like kick/ban or /give gems 10000 etc?
  3. First We Should Make Sure That Players Can Join Your Clan If that happened Means You Can Kick Too!

    and for the ban depends on global chat -_- if the real people are chatting ye why not you can bann ! :D

    about Gems Everytime You Go Out And Come In Again 7500 Gems Will Be Added :D

    Hope It Helps you
    #Anonya :D :D
  4. Im just saying for whenever i release the server publicly :)
  5. Re: Add/remove gems

    nice! That would be cool!
  6. Re: Add/remove gems

    hi Currently my private server Coc,The starter gems i have is 8k,Is there a possibility whereby i can have like infinity gems and gold and elixir?

    Haha its just a suggestion :)
  7. Re: Add/remove gems

    There is already, look in the .config file (the first one). Please check the documentation before posting things :D
  8. Re: Add/remove gems

    Add/Remove/Set player's resources through sysop commands

    Added in Todo list

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