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All UCS Versions reuploadet!

Discussion in 'Community Releases' started by Simon, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Not work crash after LoginMessage, this bug is just for me ?
  2. i post it in resource section the new version with the new apk ...
  3. 机器翻译不知道您是否能够理解无法保存任何进度,请问是什么问题
    Machine Translation don't know if you can understand can not save any progress, I ask what is the problem
  4. What did you do to fix apk?
  5. I have the same problem as @TokyoSU

    LoginMessage error

    Also, tried CryptoClones Server and APK. It just says ERROR IN CONNETING TO SQL SERVER.
  6. it's work just on mysql not on sql ...
  7. Try my new Version for 8.332.14! (and use a MySql Server with Xampp)
  8. 为啥不能进攻?
  9. where did you find old versions?
  10. Whitch CoC is the version from UCS 3.1.0? Thanks fpr help :):D
  11. I have a Question does coc version 8.332.14 work with ucs version 7.x?
  12. have UC's new version can give me
  13. Simon is wrong.UCS is dead yesterday.Maybe,my small server and other small and big server should be saved by someone.God plzz help us

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