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Annoucement & Updates Concerning Ucs

Discussion in 'Announcements From Network' started by MetroGaming, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. Hello,

    It has been a great time on this forum for a few years, but sadly our team cannot support any longer the UCS development and the other projects as URS.

    • We are keeping the license service online to let you use UCS, with restricted plans (only free)
    • The forum will be online, and we might redirect on superslash or do some clean up (still in discussion)
    • The wiki is available for everyone and online
    • UCS will be open-sourced in 2018 (maybe early in the year): you will be able to develop new functions and make new crypto compatibility with a full freedom of use.
    • The forum staff will moderate the forum, and try on their free time to answer basic question
    • Why this? Sadly, because of many problems with developers which had a poor teamwork and made of UCS a bad software.
    • News from the team: They are working on 2 projects: royale-js and clash-js, 2 emulators for supercell games. If you're a server owner (200+ players) you can contact us on https://discord.gg/MRDXT6x
    • Superslash.net is the new forum, active. It has all server information, good ? isn't it?
    We loved to make this forum, emulator, servers with you guys and with are passionate about what we do but good things have to end.

    Best regards,
    The staff
  2. rest in peace.
  3. thank you for your work

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