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IMPORTANT App Crashes After Editing

Discussion in 'Support' started by zubair1710, May 14, 2017.

  1. hi guys

    i am trying to edit the loading screen so when the app starts it does not display clash of clans .

    here is what i did

    i downloaded bms script


    and BL magic editor

    I extract the apk

    decompress the loading.sc and loading_tex.sc

    I open them with BL editor

    I import new pictures under loading screen

    i click save then then compress those files again and direct them to the apk folder under assets

    then i compile...sign...align the app again

    i install it when i click on it it crashes.
  2. same with me, please help
  3. It's barbarianland's editor , not our, please get some support there.
  4. Hi sir,I have fix this issue on latest version of BL Editor.I noticed that CoC and CR use different properties of Lzma (5D vs 5E)
    I have resolve this on latest update
    zubair1710 likes this.
  5. Thank u limx
  6. You may call me Aidid
  7. You going to launch .galileo
  8. Yes I did,Here is proof of the sc editor is working
  9. Thank you for fixing it i will try it out later
  10. what version of apk you use??Same with me crash after i edit

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