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RELEASE Can Anyone Help Me

Discussion in 'Clash Royale Underground' started by zezo357951, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. i have clash royale server files and working but when i change the ip in the original app it tells me login failed and the private servers apk works but when i enter a battle the game closes and i dont know how to upgrade my server files and the other private servers apk is 1.3.2 and newer and my private server is 1.2.3 what should i do how can i change the apk to work with my server and the battles work or how can i up grade my server files
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  2. Also in the same problem.
  3. U need to make another Server emulation software, there is to old.
  4. 1.9.0 Server emulators are private. Wait until 2018

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