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HELP Clash App Editing

Discussion in 'Support' started by TekBlue, May 30, 2017.

  1. Few questions listed below, i would like some detail if possible. Thank you to all who help me.

    1. How do i edit the application icon itself on IOS.
    2. How do i edit the loading screen of clash of clans (When the loading bar pops up)
    3. How do i edit the loading screen of clash of clans (Supercell screen)
    4. When editing values in the csv file, like the barracks, it doesn't work on the actual server, do i need to do something other than just editing those values?

    Thank you once again for your help! <3
  2. to modify the csv files you have to make a patch
  3. Good luck
  4. how to make a patch?
  5. Become donator. Then you will see all answers you just asked
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  6. how can use my saerver for unrooooted divice user

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