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Clash of Clans Decryption/Encryption in python?

Discussion in 'Clash of Clans Underground' started by USBRubberDucky, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. Correct.

    The tap on the screen executes a iOSkit SceneEffect ((or whatever they use)), and a packet is sent back to the server. You would emulate taps by getting the position, then every set time sending a packet((s)) making the server think you tapped your things, collecting resources.

    @USB, Mine is thecheater887. I'll respond when I get back to internet :)
  2. #22 rumbla, Nov 2, 2015
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2015
    Anyway, if your goal is just some "automation", you don't need to send any packet.

    The simplest method I can think of, that does not involve crafting packets is just intercept the incoming stream, decrypt/parse packets and react when you get the one you're looking for.
    When it's time you could then use something like:
    and send monkeys' taps to the client (the autoit lib is just an example, you could write your own adb/monkey lib for whatever language).
    The client will be the one sending the correct packet then.

    This clearly need an "android/iOS" environment tho and that might be too heavy on resources for your ultimate goal.
    Keep in mind tho that Supercell might have some method to discover a "clientless player" and ban you right away.
  3. No.

    Say he goes on vacation for a month. No access to internet. How are you supposed to do that?

    With this, you can launch a script on your home computer, and never lose a dime. A copy of clash isn't even required.
  4. I understand what he wanna achieve, but I'm not sure how Supercell would react to that.
    That's the real concern here :)

    (ahh, I would be quite interested on updates on this matter, VERY MUCH)
  5. #25 USBRubberDucky, Nov 2, 2015
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2015
    While I do acknowledge the proxy system, I want to go with what thecheater887 is recommending. (No proxy). The low-power mobility of a simple packet sending/receiving script is much more appealing than a proxy. As for clash of clans detection, I don't believe there is any way to determine that you are not legit. The only thing is the device model in the login packet, but that can be changed. I'm not too worried about this, and I might even start using it on a new account first to see what happens. I will be glad to keep anybody updated via message if this forum does not cover it all, or if I move on from this thread.

    However, I am still not sure what the xorstream does, and im pretty sure I need to use it. Thanks.
  6. Alright. I'm currently working on a proxy. No guarentees how long it will take. Depending on motivation, life, and boredom, it may be hours, it may be months.

    I'm leaning towards the unknown ;)

    @USB Would you be able to collaborate later to help make the development go faster? I hope to eventually make an API as well. Thanks :D
  7. Yes. I am also concurrently working on my own API which you can use once I'm done (and if it works).
  8. Wait. I'm not sure if we're on the same page, lol. I wanted to make an automation system (not a tappy or proxy system) only involving sending and receiving packets. Is that what you thought I wanted to make? I dont know, reading some of the replies confused me. Thanks
  9. Yeap. I knew thats what you wanted to make.

    No matter what you plan, we need to do some minimal proxy work first to know what to expect, and send.
  10. Are you available on skype as of the moment?
  11. Yup!

    10 chars
  12. If anybody has any information on the xorstream, please say it here. What I know so far:

    1. Xorstream could be used on top of rc4 (as defined on wikipedia, it's commonly used that way)
    2. The Xorstream could just be the rc4 stream? I don't know how that works (according to github's FICTURE7)
    3. I think that you decode rc4 first, and then the xorstream?

  13. hello. I was trying to create a the same type of type of project (a auto donation bot) and was just wondering if anyone has made any recent progress on the subject

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