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RELEASE Clash Of Hax Th11 Beta V1.2.0

Discussion in 'UCS Public Servers' started by rajudin, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. #1 rajudin, Nov 24, 2016
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2016
    Welcome to Clash of Hax

    Server Status : Online

    Server Restart : 60 Minutes

    Clash of Hax Released New Fitures In v1.2.0 Beta.

    Fitures Update :

    Full Resources
    Upgrade Wall per Line
    Create Clan
    Join Clan
    Attack with other player
    Attack with goblin home
    And Other

    Special Mods :
    Snow Mode : OFF
    Night Mode : OFF
    Unlimited Troops : ON

    Link to website : HERE!!!
    (I am using a free domain, because I do not have money.)

    Subscribe My YouTube Channel : HERE

    Thanks For Playing../

    Special Thanks To Ultrapowa Developer...

    Don't Forget To Donate for support, how?? Don't Turn Off Your Adblocker on website and youtube channel.

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  2. I just love how users copy Clash of Magic / DarkSoul website templates...
  3. people love my creativity xD
  4. I was so inspired by you, thank you very much on its support
  5. anytime m8 have fun
  6. I can't connect to your server why

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