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Clash Royale Sound Mod

Discussion in 'Clash Royale Underground' started by Hxr00, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. So, uhm, this is a test to see if i can replace sound files in CR.

    I only have this unsigned apk, the only sounds replaced are the battle sounds (i used some cut placeholder songs found on my hard drive). I may make a music/sfx shop if the thing works. I could also make a CR sfx pack if there's enough content around.

    APK Download : http://goo.gl/imVYri

    How to install unsigned APKs (ROOT only) : https://www.alphagamers.net/threads/how-to-install-an-unsigned-apk-root-lucky-patcher.20998/

    If anyone can test i would be happy (damn iPhones) :)
  2. Anyone is willing to test this thing ? Please ?
  3. Q: can we get banned for this?
  4. Why would i be banned ? I just wanted to see if i can replace sounds, it's not a private server. And i didn't post the direct link :/
  5. yeah ill test it:)
  6. Works 100%:)

    of course after signing apk and starting an account and attacking someone, the battle sound worked no problems:p

    And the icon was a good pick as well.... nice work:)
  7. Thanks a lot !! Sorry if you didn't like the songs XD

    What do you mean signing the apk ? I could have signed it myself but i don't know if i can replace the original app by doing it. I also didn't want people to start over to just hear a few sounds.
  8. I mean can I be detected by official servers that we are using a music mod?
    Don't worry XD
    antz likes this.
  9. Sorry ! I thought you were talking about the board XD

    Anyway, i'm not sure about that. After all, it's only sound, we can't even make them last how we want because they must last the same or lower than the originals. Antz has got a new account, you should ask him, i have a damn unjailbreakable iPhone so i can't try it myself.
  10. I had to sign the apk to get it to work... and yes if you slightly mod the apk in the right areas yes you can have it run along side ur original☺
  11. I actually wanted the opposite, so people wouldn't need to start new accounts just to try the mod. This was just a starting test though, that's why i posted it in this section. I'm trying to find some replacements to make a pack or something.

    Is that guide useless then ?
  12. no i dont think so. i just happen to start a new account. Doesnt mean you need to. And by the way it loads so i don't see it being a problem, new or old accounts:)
  13. Oh. Well, the test was a success then !

    Preparing ideas for the shop...

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