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RELEASE Coc Hacker - Working

Discussion in 'Tools & Plugins' started by Phoyt, Jul 3, 2017.

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  1. After months of engineering, I have finally found a way to Mod Clash of Clans, connected to their REAL Servers.

    The coc hacker decompiles and edits .so files, compiles them again.

    The Hack uses 2 Engines, Engine 1 is for IAP and Engine 2 is for Gems.

    I soon will post a download link...
    tersine mühendis likes this.
  2. What does That mean exactly
  3. Please don't post scam or virus also please show screenshot of your hack.
  4. Stop scamming arround, I've been trying some of my time in COC and you canno't hack anything
    Client -> Server - Packed with Socks yo lil scambag
    Engine 1 Engine 2 is maybe your dumbness you maybe fooling non experienced lil kids, but not skilled Reverser,
    I am over 5 years now skilled enough to know that you are fooling arround bit***

    And If you really get through the engine to send packs to the official Supercell server, how will you recieve them back?
    Because supercell is blocking private socks, and now you shut up
  5. Also dont say "
    RELEASE" If you didnt Release anything scumbag
  6. Waiting for user Phoyt answer otherwise I will close thread.
  7. #Request to close thread, scambag
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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