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TUTORIAL Compile UCS without Visual Studio 2015

Discussion in 'FAQ & Tutorials' started by Knight King, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Hello, so as you know Visual Studio (VS2015) takes few mins to start and load project. Today i show you how to compile UCS without VS2015:

    Micosoft Build Tools 2015 is required: download
    [This is a part of Vs2015 but it is light(<100MB)(If you have VS2015 installed you should have this)]
    UCSCompiler.exe : Download

    How to use:
    Place it in the UCS source code folder (which has a sln file)
    Then click download build script and download nugetpackagesrestorer
    After that click compile. A cmd windows will appear. Wait it says Build succeeded. You are done​

    *Note:The app maybe not responding when downloading nugetpackagesrestorer. You should wait till it finish. Don't close it.
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  2. I thought that visual studio takes some minutes only in my pc thanks and congrats For the post!
  3. Hello, nice post I edited it to make it more easy to read for the newbies on the forum ;).
  4. It built whats after that I get a package folder full of folders?
  5. in a folder there is a sln file
  6. I already put in that folder.
  7. i will edit the post
  8. Problems detected.
    I have downloaded and installed Microsoft Build Tools from the link given and the build script and the nugetpackagedrestorer.
    But when I open the UCSCompiler.exe it says that Microsoft Build Tools 2015 is required and I have do download that.
    Please help me.
  9. i will upload a new version
  10. Anyone have the original source of UCS 0.7?
  11. weird
  12. Now I have VS2015.
    But when I open the source it says that there are two errors in the Database files.
    ADO.Net errors.
  13. What version u want to compile?
    What errors do u get?
  14. ignore them
  15. When I ignore them, UCS stops after starting.

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