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RELEASE Dcs Server 8.322 - Wars And Challenges

Discussion in 'UCS Public Servers' started by daniillnull, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. #1 daniillnull, Sep 9, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2016
    DCS Server online

    Troops requests
    Test clan wars
    Top of players and clans
    Nickname change
    Bookmarks of clans
    Challenges and live watching

    Use /help for get list of commands.
    Gems - 600 000

    IP: daniillnullcl.ddns.net, Port: 9339
    Apk: http://bit.ly/2cCNeo8
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  2. what do you mean by "Test clan wars"?
  3. You can start and stop search, fetch war bases, attack players. But it can contain bugs.
  4. Hey,

    your Server is offline so i can't test it. Can you show me a Screenshot of the Clan Wars? I think its not
  5. Server is online.
    I can't upload file to forum, i get "server error".
  6. Hey,

    try to upload it here: https://picload.org/

    I can't connect so the Server is offline or you made a mistake by editing the APK.
  7. Hey,

    yeah i already seen this in old CoC Versions but it dont work, it search but nothing happen. If you have the Source for it
    i will have a look in it.
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  8. I restart server. Try to connect.
  9. Bookmarks of clans added
  10. <-------- WARNING --------> Please change your link to apk to a new shorted link like Adf.ly. If it's not edited in 2 days I will delete it. <-------- WARNING -------->

    Best regards,
  11. Added challenges and live watching.
  12. What you use COC emulator??/ Link Pliss
  13. Can tell me more about this rule ? we must update our short shorted url's every 2 day ?
  14. Nope that's just the time given to delete the direct link if it's not done I delete.
  15. OH MY GOD ...

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