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Discussion in 'Clash of Clans General Discussions' started by Horiz0n, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. #21 Cerise, Mar 18, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2016
    Well I create new user id and token evry day with my coc-proxy problem on iOS so yea I can give you some credentials that I absolutly dont care about. There going to be credentials of A brand new account but I think thats the same ^^

    I edit this post as soon as I have them I am not at home at the moment :)

    EDIT : Here you are some random credentials :

    "userId": 219059467078,
    "homeId": 219059467078,
    "userToken": "9sza88bs3mna8832bazrh44zbcm7ggp3p6th6zp4",
  2. Having some problems guys... since Pirni doesn't allow for packet editing (at least my version) i need to do this on PC. I tried running Bluestacks but it always gives me "Error : Access Denied". I am on the only account on the Pc and i used the take ownership thing but it doesn't still work. Searching on the web and Bluestacks forum did not bring anything interesting nor useful. Help me please !
  3. When i try a simple login packet with the proxy i dont get the session key and i get a login failed packet directly :

    20103 Error: Unused buffer remains.
    20103 4e87000047000700000008ffffffffffffffffffffffff0000001a68747470733a2f2f72696e6b2e686f636b65796170702e6e6574ffffffff0000000000ffffffffffffffff0000000000000000

    I dont know why its not decoded by the proxy the others loginfailed i had in my life were !! i suppose its a different one ...
    On the game i see "Update available" so i suppose its a login failed reason 9 ...
    And as the game version in there server should nt be the same as us it coherent because when it detect wrong master hash it send this loginfailed maybe..
  4. Maybe we should change the parameter for the version number. Or we either find that number out by luck, or we get it from the received packets, did you see anything interesting other than that ? Also, on COCDP there's that thing "download url=testflight". It must have some use (decryption pass or something ?)
  5. Yes it coulb be that but there is also the masterhash .. I dont know exactly whats the masterhash does someone know? i think if its not correct it wil return update available packet too...

    QUOTES Also, on COCDP there's that thing "download url=testflight". /QUOTES

    Where did you see that ?
  6. The masterhash generate by the client is the SHA1 of fingerprint.json.
    This mean, if the masterhash of client does not match with server masterhash, it download the patch.
  7. So server verify client version with both masterhash and version ? or only with masterhash ?

    Its impossible to guess the masterhash so we are fucked :D
  8. Uhm...so we would need to hack into the thing and get that fingerprint file and so on. Obviously impossible. But, if someone will ever get it to work, we'd probably be ahead Supercell and keep up with CoC updates. But this would be useless, as hacking into servers and downloading data would also include downloading the server software. Ok going to stop with offtopic.
  9. As i said, it's imposible, you need custom client from supercell, which is installed with testflight in their local network.
    Nobody understand.
  10. We need a good clasher to try betas out at SC HQs and insert a jailbreak dongle into the ipads and then do the transfering job. </sarcasm>
  11. Hi we should change hash of the file we changed to that is in fingerprint.but we need program but i haven't can you find and post it.

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