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HELP How I Do Set Up A Modded Coc Server?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Alin, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. I Decide to rebuilt the clash of rafael server and my hostnames are expired but i set up IP For rooted users and DNS For users without root and i mod sc and csv but i dont know how to make a ucs patch and what UCS And apk are compatibile?
  2. the patch.exe.is located in the tools folder in the UCS 7.4.0 folder the patch after you run the exe will be located in the Patch folder also located in UCS 7.4.0 the latest apk that works as for as i know is version 8.709.16 i could be worng but this version works with latest stable release of UCS
  3. you can use up to 8.709.25 version apk/ipa :)
  4. do you have the apk for 8.709.25 as searching on the net is only showing 8.709.24
  5. Thats what i meant sorry.. 8.709.24
  6. yeah the only one i can find atm is in arabic or some other language nxt version was 8.709.23 which i get a login failed after editing the apk what is the latest version you have and could you upload it ?

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