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How to import ORIGINAL coc village to ultrapowa?

Discussion in 'Clash of Clans Underground' started by midler, May 8, 2016.

  1. Hello, folks!
    I want to "import" village to ultrapowa from original COC game. I have discovered that when I enter someone's base, android creates 4 files in data - chache:
    name size
    background_player.info 1kb
    background_player.sc 1kb
    background_player_tex.info 1kb
    background_player_tex.sc 10 582 kb

    So, I am 99.99 % sure that all information is in those files. The problem is - I think it's encrypted, or in format that notepad++ can't understand...

    So, the question again - can I somehow transfer that information to ultrapowa server?

  2. You need to use tools to decrypt the sc files in order to view inside it. You also need to download the SC Editor from Ultrapowa if you want to edit them.
  3. So, there is no way to decrypt sc files? I have already downloaded SC Editor but don't know how to decrypt. Any information will be helpful.
  4. The files can't be decrypted atm. You can however find the decrypted ones in the game's cache folder, but almost no one has yet understood the file format.
  5. theese files are from game's chache folder and they are not decrypted.. Well, I hope some day someone will find way to decrypt those files :)
  6. there is no village information in these files , this files are textures for your base background
  7. Well, I searched for every folder that uses COC (internal memory and in user's data folder) and found that only those files are crated while entering someone's base. Other files are not even changing. I thought the _tex index was for textures and without that index it was information file.

    Do you know anything about where I can find village information? I hope that information is not copied to ram.. If so, I am out of luck :/ I know that information will not be ultrapowa-compatible and I am ready to write C# code that will transfer it to ultrapowa's sqlite format. And of course I will share it :)

  8. Bases are in .json format (i believe). The only ones you can find on a clean game are the npc bases and your own base.

    The player base is always saved in the .json file, and when loading the game (i think), it is confronted with the file on the server (or just the hash idk). If they don't match the file is redownloaded.
  9. Yeah, I think I must stop searchin files on device and must "capture" with web debugger .json information... The only thing is SSL encryption. Even when proxy's certificate is installed, COC has it's own encryption and makes it's own secure tunnel. I will try to search cert of client in game's apk file... But will it work with this "strategy"?
  10. I don't really know, but i think that certificate is on the other side of the connection. Btw, there are tools to make bases in .json format, you just need to open the program and keep CoC online.
  11. I found CERT.RSA file inside APK. I think to find program and import this file as key and encrypted data as imput file.But I thing it will not work...

    Can you tell me the name of program? No problem, I will keep it online. Just need any way to get that information...
  12. OpenSSL requires additional bin file for key with .rsa. I will try Multi-Edit Programmer's Editor in virtualbox, maybe it will work...

    What about your variant? "there are tools to make bases in .json format" ?

    It's so annoying, I can see data in Fiddler and know that it is base information but can't read it... Makes me nervous :D

  13. Multi-Edit Programmer's Editor is virus. It just opens web pages and does nothing :/
  14. don't try it , you need a coc proxy that can decode packets , no ssl because it is tcp (port 9339)!
  15. So is there ANY way to get that information or no?
  16. If you're on coc 8.x, you first need to find out the client private key to decrypt incoming packets from server, and I think that's either hard-coded in libg.so or generated (with the public one) on each game start and then saved to RAM (but really, theese are my opinions, as i don't have any clue of how are client private and public key stored).
    If you're on older version (and i don't think so), you can find tons of clash of clans proxy over the internet (and maybe even here, idk)

    P.S. Sorry for the ugly English, but i'm Italian

    P.P.S. As said before, clash of clans is TCP, so I actually think that the RSA key is used to download the game content after a game update (as game content is downloaded through http(s) even on supercell's official servers)
  17. Okay, thanks. I am searching for 8.x proxy...

    Just an idea: Can I see that generated key in Fiddler Web Debugger? Like -
    [Serial Number]

    Key Exchange: ECDHE_RSA (0xae06) 256bits //just copied
    I can see even that it is encrypted with:
    Secure Protocol: Tls
    Cipher: Aes128 128bits
    Hash Algorithm: Sha1 160bits

    All this can't help me?
  18. Thanks! I will try it out.

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