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TUTORIAL How To Make Public Server Without Vps !!!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by moien007, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. [Wrong Section ? XD]

    Hi guys

    For create public server (connectable from internet not LAN) you need this tools and requirements :
    Steps :
    1. Make sure UPnP is enabled on your router (else press alt+F4)
    2. Install and run UPnP Wizard Tool
    3. Click on add button
    4. Write any name for your port for example "UCS"
    5. Choose your local ip
    6. Set both internal and external ports to 9339
    7. Set protocol to TCP
    8. Click ok button.
    9. Get your public ip address (for example you can write what my ip in google search or go to WhatIsMyIP.com)
    10. Give ip to your friends and enjoy

    Note's :
    • Your ip change's if you don't have static ip (buy static ip from your isp)
    • Server is online while your pc is on and ucs is running (hibernate and sleep mode make's your server down)
    • If you don't like this post i will kill you so you can't create server anymore !!!
  2. Should've posted this in the Community Releases sections in my opinion.

    Thanks for the guide I'm sure someone will find a use for it.
  3. Bro its Not Working
  4. oh nice thanks you
  5. This really helped me
  6. am using mobile internet to connect computer is it applicable for me too???? @moien007
  7. NO, because you need a router.

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