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HELP How To Start Ucs Server It Says Activation Fails..?

Discussion in 'Support' started by naveen, May 9, 2017.

  1. I have recently downloaded UCS 7.3.1 and I choose free licence from ucs because me and y bro only gonna play (small server) in the documentation says i need to enter the activation key in the ucs.cfg file.

    I have entered the UCS licence key which they emailed to me .... look like

    List of Activation Keys for your licenses:

    License ID - Activation Key - Expiration date and time - IP
    0000**** - [e68854e0b***************************] - 0000-00-00 00:00:00 -

    but when I start my server my ucs server it says


    Can any one help me how to start my UCS Server!!!!!!!

    Thanks in advance
  2. upload_2017-5-9_6-20-28.png

    When I start My server I get this can anyone tell me why there is no log found
  3. I think you messed up your config file.
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  4. Extract a new copy of the config file
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  5. Thank you I copied new configuration file but what should i put in key="" and in value=""

    Guide me pls
  6. Hi Naveen

    Here is the line you should also see in your config file

    <add key="LicenseKey" value="Put your license key here "/>

    put your license key were you see my red text
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  7. bro I have shared you team viewer credentials @zubair1710
  8. You need xampp and redis to start the server
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  9. Hey i have this same problem, about the license key i keep putting new ones but it still says the same, this is my first time doing this, can you reply asap? anyone please guide me
  10. can you provide screenshot or if you need help via (Team Viewer) PM me your login and pass Details I will connect and help you.... :)
  11. and i need help with the key
    i cant find where to put it :/

  12. hey im having trouble, i have teamviewer could u help... please email me on

  13. Ничего не понял
  14. Hey guys any help contact me

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