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HELP modify value in coc packet

Discussion in 'Clash of Clans Underground' started by mrqaii, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Hello guys

    with coc-proxy from clugh i ma trying to modify packet and send to coc server focus values i am trying to do right now is gemCount and gemCount2 :) many many thanks for clugh for helping me to find solution and solve issues and pointing me to right place

    what i did on coc.proxy
    1. patch apk with coc-patcher
    2 edit def packetDecrypted in server/protocol.py

        def packetDecrypted(self, messageid, unknown, payload):
            if not self.client:
                reactor.callLater(0.25, self.packetDecrypted, messageid, unknown, payload)
            decoded = self.decodePacket(messageid, unknown, payload)
            logging.info("send packet to server")
            if "OwnHomeData" in decoded["name"]:
                # here we can  edit payload
                logging.info("editing payload")
            data = decoded   
            encode = self.encoder.encode(messageid, unknown, decoded)   
            logging.info("1 encode packet")
            logging.info("2 encode packet")
            self.client.sendPacket(messageid, unknown, encode)
    as you see encode and payload dont have same byte so server not accepting and game not work but if you
    hope clugh or any other member here can help me to or we can get da f***king gem for free :)
  2. this is also technically theft, which I doubt we should support.
  3. thats bad we cant change any values of loot or gem via client side
  4. what do you mean ?
  5. gems = $$, bypassing the purchase = fraud/theft
  6. i know they called theft . but if you check price its fuuucking carzy . so i am trying to get it for free since i cant find and command that can change gem value on server very unhappy . but i am sure together we will find something to do that .
    do you want free gem on coc server :)
  7. As I said on Github and in PM, I doubt you'll be able to cheat the servers. The best you can hope for is a little automation. As for the encoding, you haven't made any of the changes I suggested (again, both on Github and in the PM thread).
    mrqaii likes this.
  8. i cant encode packet can you help me on that ? aslo i am still wating your answer via pm
  9. That was the reply to your PM.

    This is what I previously suggested:
  10. decoded = self.decodePacket(messageid, unknown, payload) its return something but dont know its only payload or whole packet ?
  11. From my above quote:
  12. Code:
    14102 Error: CommandComponent(id=500) has not yet been implemented.
    14102 371600002000000000028eb0ec15f200000001000001f40000001500000019000f42480000024d
    can you decode this packet clugh
  13. First check the id of your message it is 14102 - EndClientTurn.
      "id": 14102,
      "name": "EndClientTurn",
      "fields": [
        {"name": "tick", "type": "INT"},
        {"name": "checksum", "type": "INT"},
        {"name": "commands", "type": "CommandComponent[]"}
    What is missing is the command component for id 500. If I am correct it should be the command for buying a building.
      "name": "BuyBuilding",
      "fields": [
        {"name": "x", "type": "INT"},
        {"name": "y", "type": "INT"},
        {"name": "buildingId", "type": "INT"},
        {"type": "INT"}
    If you want to know the structure of messages you can check this links:
    https://github.com/BerkanYildiz/UCS/tree/ucs-recode/Ultrapowa Clash Server/PacketProcessing/Messages
  14. Hello, I have read every information about decrypting those data but can't do decryption thing. I have installed UCS Proxy and successfully set up everything. When I visit someone's village, data is printed on console but I don't understand how to decode that data... Example:

    [UCS] VisitedHomeData(24113)
    5e310034eb0000 0000541c000000000000004a0077d74c000000000000000000000000000004b00000003c01000020d981bc0000...... (LONG DATA).... 934100000000023493420000000002349343573776790234934400000033

    I viewed .jason data from link below but can't understand how to use it to decrypt data like this one. Please helpme, tried everything and you are my last hope...

    Thanks in advice.
  15. It sounds like you are asssuming changing the gem count will give you free gems on official servers.
  16. I am on ios;(.any working modded version for ios?

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