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My custom Mods version 1.5

Discussion in 'Documentation' started by CoolGUY_450, May 27, 2015.

  1. Hi, here is my 1.5 mods Link - http://www.mediafire.com/download/wwlxd ... on+1.5.zip

    - Here my mods, you can find cool custom heroes!
    - All buildings, traps, decorations cost 0 and build time is also 0!
    - Buy gems in the shield store for free!
    - Build a lot of buildings (building amount: 4800)
    - Townhall can store Dark Elixir
    - Upgrade all your storages and townhall into max to get 2 000 000 000 resource storage space!
    - Army camps space are unlimited!
    - Train Unlimited Troops!
    - New Troop: Rocket Launcher!
    - Make unlimited spells!
    - Spells and troops are now Op!

    Update Version 1.2 : 1.)New Hero created by me - Rocket Queen
    2.)Build Goblin Town Halls and other goblin buildings
    3.)Heroes no cost and no build time.
    4.)Modded home.json file
    5.)Provided a Flamewall Server APK (So the file is 40MB above)

    Update version 1.3 : 1.) Fixed the stability of the mods.
    2.) Removed Rocket Queen. ( Because it is unstable.)
    3.) Decos are FREE!
    4.)PvE modes are in SUPERCELL Version.
    5.)Changed Mighty Statue and Pirate Flag prices into Gold and Elixir.
    6.)air sweeper can turn 360 degrees.

    Update version 1.4 : 1.) Added custom troops : Invisible Ammo Wizard and Xbow Archer
    2.) Fixed a few bugs.
    3.) The custom troops are now stable. (CHECKED 100%)

    Update Version 1.5 : 1.) Every building require gems to upgrade and build
    2.) Every Traps require Dark elixir to buy and upgrade
    3.) Every Hero can activate their abilities at level 1
    4.) Hero's health and damage increased
    5.) Increase townhall storage space
    6.) Build player Town Hall
    7.) Build every building on town hall level 1
    8.) Some bugs fixes

    Hope you guys enjoy my mods :)

    Note : Please do not edit anything, thank you for your cooperation.
  2. Re: My custom Mods version 1.0

    Future Mods are coming, so stay tuned!

    Credits of the custom heroes : shridhar
    Credits of the rest of the mods: CoolGUY_450
  3. Re: My custom Mods version 1.0

    rocket luncher belongs to shirdap make sure u put that there :)
  4. @CoolGUY_450 can you tell me how to use it need a tutorial
  5. How to install the mods?please...
  6. Guys those mods are outdated and I am CoolGUY_450, this is my 2nd account, I will continue to make mods if u guys want it.
    antz likes this.
  7. Mod away buddy!! Love to see your work.. sounds cool:cool:
  8. CoC support 8.709.2. You csv error
  9. for what coc version are your mods v1.5?
  10. Awesome thanks dude!

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