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IMPORTANT My Opinion About "ucs Plans"

Discussion in 'Support' started by MasterWolf16, Mar 1, 2017.


Do you agree with my opinion?

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  2. Disagree

  1. ===WARNING===

    Hello, Ultrapowa Community, devs and members!
    I am a member of this community since UCS was completely free ( release). It was a great time. But time is going and everything changes. Now release is upcoming and the Plans system is announced.
    I think, it is not good to pay community $ if I host my server on MY PC. Just no logic, right? I know, devs will now say: any developer needs to be paid for his hard work. And I will agree with it. But devs should be paid by the RIGHT way, what, as I said above, actually you are not doing. Guys, understand me: every your license update or UCS update is killing the community. Lets think: If I want to buy "Ultra" plan, I should pay 30$/month.
    In my country (Ukraine) 30 USD = about 800 UAH = 3 my old mobile phones. Maybe I should send 3 mobile phones every month for you? LoL :) Results: People are not as rich as you think!
    In my opinion, right way to pay the devs is HOSTING. Why wouldn`t you create a CoC server hosting and host servers on your PCs and at the same time give free software for other users? For this way, Plans are PERFECT solution! And there will be logic.
    Anyway, this was only my opinion.
    So, devs, don`t give up! Come on and build a great, famous community. Make it better and better every day and bring it to success!
    Best wishes, MasterWolf, with love for Ultrapowa ;)
  2. Hello,
    We love to have these post about how can we pay 30$/month etc... You can worry about this you're right!
    To begin, you can do without these plans, the free one still very good itself. Ultra is for the biggest servers that we have (over 1000+ ppl online)
    We are preparing a short tuto how to earn these 15-30$/month, if you do a great job you'll get views on ads, you transfer this to paypal and 15/30$ still 15/30$ (no conversion)
    We are making a software, not hosting that's why we won't waste time with us hosting servers. We are late on UCS because until this week we had 1 dev (now it's going faster)
    Thanks for sharing this opinion, have a great day, we are making UCS great again :p.
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  3. Wow! Very interesting =)
  4. I think only servers with more than 100 players should pay. 30$ is not price for a emulator (you can buy battlefield 4 premium with 30$)
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  5. I absolutely agree, while the free service does offer pretty good things, Ultra is kind of expensive for one person's personal desires, in fact Ultra is more for the big servers as Metro already mentioned. There is although an intermediate plan you will be able to purchase if buying Ultra doesn't make sense to you.
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  6. $30 for an application is already cheap as dirt.

    Do you know how much revenue can you make if you know how to?

    Just look at how populated in this game.
  7. mmmmh why for lite version, (hosted on private pc) unlock function and set maximum 30, 40, 50 ecc users? or paid an a "standalone" license ...20$ every for example..3 or 4 version update? (always for example eh!)

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