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RELEASE New Clash Of Clans Server - Clashofbuggs (9.x.x Upcoming)

Discussion in 'Official Release' started by Luca tiziani, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. #1 Luca tiziani, Aug 18, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2017
    Good Day! Clash of Buggs is back again.

    About Us

    Clash Of Buggs was created as one of the first Clash Of Clans Servers Worldwide. We reached a User Database of around 6000 Players.
    After a new Version of Clash of Clans has been released, the Server-Team closed the Server, because it wasn't useable.
    Now ClashOfBuggs is back with a new Update and a new Realtime Database, to get the best experience for the Players.
    We also have a brand new Website online at: http://clashofbugs.tk

    About The Server's

    Our main Server is back Online again, since 18/08/2017
    We now have a Database with around 15.000 Players.

    Server 1
    build on 8.7.x

    - unlimited Resources
    - unlimited Buildings (except troophousing and heroes to prevent game crashes)
    - all costs to 1
    - upgrade time to 0 (except heroes to save the upgraded levels to the Database)
    - custom Heroes
    - custom characters
    - custom buildings
    - unlimited troops

    Server 2
    build on 8.7.x

    Server 2 has been Released at 25/08/2017
    It comes with NO custom mods, to get a gaming Experience like in the Official Clash of Clans Game.

    Server 3
    build on 9.x.x

    Server 3 will be Released at 15/09/2017
    This Server will be build on coc 9.X.X
    It will comes with NO custom mods, to get a gaming Experience like in the Official Clash of Clans Game.

    News and Updates, as well as downloads on our Website:

  2. Claims to be big server and a "company" yet uses a .tk domain which happens to be a free domain because it collects data about the user visiting the domain without permission

    In other words .tk domains are plagued by viruses,spam, and a lot of other stuff this isn't to drag you down clearly I just want to suggest using a different domain service do some research on what kind of people use the domain name before throwing your name on it for example

    When you see a .edu you expect a school or education website and you know it's safe to visit

    .gov are government websites and are safe to visit

    .tk are general spammers, viruses , and ad targeting and 9 times out of 10 are not safe to visit
  3. Thanks for this advice livewiretech. I will look for another domain name!
    Unfortunately we don´t have the budget to meet a own Domain, so we have to be happy with the free ones.
    .tk is often used by spammers, because it´s the cheapest. This don´t affect to all .tk domains, like ours.
    In our Betaphase we don´t set any ads on download links / Website. We want´t to give the User´s the best experience and Ad spammin is not a good Methode.

    I hope you understand our opinion and feel free to test our servers!
    Have a good Day,
    ClashOfBugs Team
  4. Malwarebytes blocks the link, noice noice
  5. .tk is free so only there are using .tk
  6. okey well, i didnt set any ads on the link. Not on the Website and not on the download link. I just took the .tk domain because its easier for the users to remember.
    I updated the post with a direct link to the website, which is: http://clashofbuggs.hopto.org/dashboard/

    Feel free to PM me for further information.
    Have a nice Day,
    ClashOfBugs Team.
  7. He copied my text. This is why he clames to be a registered company.
  8. how to get a vps trial with no credit card for ucs public server
  9. There is no way to get a free vps wothout a credit card. They use the Credit Card to make sure there is nobody who makes 1000s of vps servers.
    Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform require a credit/bank card.
  10. good day. I didnt noticed that your text is on my page.
    We used the "Coc Landing Page" Template because we had enough todo with setting up the server.
    If you are not okey with that, please send me your text that i have to remove on our Homepage.

    Have a good day,
    ClashOfBugs Team
  11. this link goes to a website that offers VPS but not for free.
  12. Okay so from what I saw there's a plagiarism on the text made by @Stavros into a template taken by @Luca tiziani on the forum, this is forbidden by laws you have 3 days to remove the content otherwise I'll remove the thread. I'll see with different people from where comes the template and there will be action following the results.
    Concerning domains this is the truth no good services are free, so I'll take a look and see if there are viruses.

    Sorry for the delay on this thread , I was without internet for my holidays :)
  13. Good Day MetroGaming,
    Starvos send me already a PM and we have claryfied this. I will delte the copyed text phrases. Sorry about that, but the i only used the coc-landing template and i didnt noticed that the template has the same text as starvos.
    I also have a question for you MetroGaming,
    is it possible to help you in the forum with the messages in the chat or smth like this? I could do that for/with you if its okey for you. Would be aww.
    Have a nice day,
    Luca from ClashOfBugs
  14. Obviously, your help is welcomed.
  15. How MetroGaming Can Reach You.
  16. Our latest "Clash Of Bugs Classic" Server has been Released! Our Modded Server got an Update too, to prevent Crashes!

    Check them out on our Website:
  17. Clash of Bugs R.I.P????
  18. Not working for more days
  19. link is rip

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