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No Cr Custom Servers?

Discussion in 'Clash Royale General Discussion' started by pavels228, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. Nobody here ever hosted/played a CR custom server? Is this even makeable?
  2. I have one for 1.6.0 but it is very buggy so I discontinue the server.
  3. I've actually tried one but has some bugs whitin' chests and profile saving.
    It would be nice to see somewhat of a server with working fights and to have some nice economy system (e.g. you get legendaries faster and you start with 20k gems). This would start a nice competitive gameplay, people would play this instead of cringing on the true CR in the hope of finding a legendary
  4. For new versions no, for old there are, but buggy.

    Like "Pekkaworld" Clash Royale Private Server.
  5. It's no free server !!! and no have support forum !!!
  6. who was a good private server?
  7. Any active Clash Royale server
  8. Stop reviving dead posts.
  9. Made an attempt to rewrite the CRS server based on exported source code. I actually got past the login and into the first part but it was a black screen because obviously nothing was sent in return so then it was followed by a client crash.

    Other than that good luck.
  10. You can use GrayWolf's Software to see the first version server codes that is only for 1.2.3 or 1.3.2 (i don't remember) and try to modify something if u know programming
  11. use simple-royale to use 1.9.0 version... extremly buggy and bad coded but yea...
  12. Where do i find graywolfs files??
  13. Where is the link to the files?
  14. Need to install node.js
  15. very bad coded, 10000 bugs, just crap.
    wait for royale.js
  16. Any idea of How to receive CR packages and re-send that?

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