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Onilne Players

Discussion in 'Clash of Clans Underground' started by mrme, May 17, 2017.

  1. hi guys
    i have a question!!
    How many players can be online in this Clash server??
    ram: 3
    cpu: 3 core 3600 MHZ
    hard: 70 GB
  2. help plsssssssss
  3. Test by yourself. There are no limited values perconfig but I think ram is small. So it might limit ucs
  4. I think ≈600
  5. 1 Player = 10 MB
    3000gb / 10 = 300 maximum without operating system resources

    Warning!, what is the main memory, uses the operating system, roughly divided into 2!
    Max = 150 players!
  6. It seems to me that you are wrong
  7. Hmm... I believe that you would be able to fit more players than 300 in with 3 TERRABYTES of RAM. Even some supercomputers don't have that much. And also there are all the private servers that have thousands of active players online at a time. With 3 TB of ram, I'd say you could have ~3 million players on at a time.
  8. And to answer your question, I would predict about 300 players

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