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HELP Packet decryption as of May 2016

Discussion in 'Clash of Clans Underground' started by Ourset, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    I'm seeking for help about Clash of Clans packet decryption.

    Before saying anything I'm aware of:

    And every python source related. (Thank @clugh )

    I'm on a tiny project regarding Clash of Clans and I need to understand how to decrypt packet.

    When I studied coc-proxy from @clugh I was unable to fully understand the logic behind his code.
    It's very hard to study foreign code as they does not have any comments or docs..
    1. Why do we need to re-encrypt packet before sending to original client ? (coc-proxy)
    2. Can we decrypt packet (server->client; client->server) with PublicKey only ? (Blake2s)
    3. What is CoC nonce ? I known that we can assemble it with initials packets, but I don't known how since newest update.
    4. Can someone explain step by step how to decrypt packet without modding client ? (Method described by @clugh seems to be deprecated..)
    I would very appreciate any help.
    Thank you.

    Sorry for my english.
  2. Hello,

    Look at UCS Source, PacketProcessing/Message.cs file.
  3. Hi!

    Thank, I already looked into UCS source :)
    It helped a lot, but I can't figure out live packet decryption with official server / client.

    Still working on creating proxy with live listing.
    What I can do :
    • Reading MessageID, UnknownField, Payload
    I confused on :
    • Where to use Blake2s hashing method ?
    • How to get NaCl decryption working ? (Having client seed + public key)
    I'm stuck on these steps for too long ^^

    Thank anyway ^^

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