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Simple Csv/sc Tools

Discussion in 'Tools & Plugins' started by Seagate0, May 31, 2017.

  1. Hello! I present to you my project.

    1. Encrypt CSV
    2. Decrypt CSV
    3. CSV Editor (you need Ron's Editor)

    4. Encrypt SC
    5. Decrypt SC
    6. SC Editor (two version's)

    The window has a modest and comfortable appearance


    It's better than DarkSouls editor

    1. Download Now!
    Note: This application uses version checking!
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  2. My server have 1gb ram because it played only by small group of people (50-60)
    And you don't like my csv mods ? :(
  3. No, why. I love mods.
    I think that you will use my Simple CSV/SC Editor. Because the program is very convenient for the owners of servers
  4. Maybe...
  5. does not work
  6. What doesn't work?
  7. Hi sega Please can you make a video on how to use your editor
  8. Can anyone please tell me what .csv files to edit for placing 50 troops at once in clash royale!

  9. how to download... link down
  10. The link does not work, can I have another link?

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