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RELEASE Sneak Peeks! Ucs

Discussion in 'Official Release' started by Simon, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. #1 Simon, Feb 26, 2017
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2017
    Hello Guys,

    after a while UCS is comming! UCS supports latest Clash of Clans, a lot of Bug Fixes has been made and a lot of new Features has been added. Daily Sneak Peeks are comming here, so make sure to check it every out.



    Gamefiles Updater (downlaods latest Gamefiles from the Supercell Server)

    Sneak Peek 4 is something special for UCS.
    In UCS we reworked a lot.

    - Crypto
    - Network
    - Packet Managing

    We not only improved already existing things, we also added a new Database Management.
    Now we use Redis (More here: https://redis.io/) as a cache Server for MySQL which improves the Performance, because Redis is a Memory Database which is especially with DDR4 Ram very fast.

    - New Database Structure
    - Added Redis as a Cache Server
    - MySQL improved

    P.S: Sneak Peek #5 is the latest one before the release!

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  2. how can we download it ?
  3. Pls dowload link
  4. Hey all mates, I think this script can decompress latest COC .sc files. But still we cant view them in Sc editor. I used it on Latest COC .sc files, size of building_tex.sc changes from 9Mb to 89mb. So i think it can decompress latest ones. Only need of new sc editor, I think!
    Here's the link for script: http://aluigi.org/bms/clash_royale.bms

    Use QuickBms to run it.

  5. Why exactly would we need this in this thread?
  6. A lot of people check this thread. thats why
  7. That does not justify off-topic posting.

    Make a new thread (like you already did).
  8. @Starrloord we already have our own Tool, and to open the SC Files. (Especially thanks to Knobse).
  9. can you make page on this forum contains the [UCS latest version download link+csv..sc..editing tools] !!... Then if any new version realesed by Ultrapowa it will be in this page
    so that's will make downloading so so easy ,,,!!
    if any one want the same think please accept me and tell the developer here :)
    please reply you are the best !!!
  10. Useless since UCS Will check masterhash from our server and then download from official server
  11. How about actually implementing an auto update system?
  12. download link?
  13. What Tool?? Can u Please tell more about it. Thankss!
  14. Little Update : Since next update will bring few great things,Database cleaning would be needed
  15. Troop donations?! Finally! :)
  16. please don't forget to fix "Force Stop" issue :)
  17. It is excellent! I am ready to pay money for it!
  18. Hopefully donator's get 1 month free pro version of ucs :)

    Question : csv file downloader downloads file from google play ? if new version clash of clans released it download latest csv files and have compatibility with ucs ?
  19. @moien007 No, it downloads the latest Gamefiles from the Supercell Asset Server.

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