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So Yeah New Thing Thats Happening

Discussion in 'Bugs Reports' started by omrtha, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. I have ios 10.3.2 and my IPA doesnt loads(it crashes at siging ipa) and YES,
    ive tried 21 letters 22 and 23.
  2. Wrong iPA, find another one to fit your server's version. Also, why would you add more than 21 letters?
  3. idk.-. but it doesnt works.
  4. can you share me version of coc private 9.24.16
  5. Why you don't try IP ? it's simple, just put white-space.
  6. I'm Having The Same Problem, But With The IPA, And APK, the modified version Doesn't Load or says the game was not installed correctly or says you need to update
  7. ipa or apk?
  8. I managed to semi-fix the apk but the IPA says it needs to update, and after review of the IPA, it's on a newer version
  9. Use A DNS Server Instead Of Editing The App Files DON'T EDIT, if you get the update error on ios but not android set the version in the ipa to the version supported of your server, if you want you can change the name as well, but DO NOT EDIT THE CLASH OF CLANS FILE IN THE IPA you can do all this in the 'clash of clans ipa > payload > clash of clans.app > info.plist To Test Go Sign It Using Cydia Impactor And Impact To Your Device

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