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Something For All Pepole.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by omrtha, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. Yea i know that the team will be on Holidays but i want to tell something that might help me and a other pepole.
    Why you guys dont show how to edit their own server for own games(like changing Gamefiles and the program for a other Supercell game like Clash Royale). If that will be possible i will even pay for a donator rank.
    I really like Ultrapowa because you guys make pepole make their own hosting. But I think that Ultrapowa can do that in other games too because I saw in a post that the 9.24 COC will be released for Ultrapowa too. So anyways if that will be possible. But still thanks for the support(@MetroGaming) and the Coders of the server.

  2. Hello,
    thanks for the suggestion, as you know ultrapowa is a community, a community is based on sharing with people. I cannot, the team cannot produce alone the content, that's up to you users to produce a little part of it, but still a part. Personally, I play Clash Royale and Clash of Clans so I won't produce any content for other games even if it's possible.
    I consider as an admin that my main job is moderate the forum, help people when they are in trouble. I've worked during hours on a wiki (http://ultrapowa.com/wiki) which people don't read (there are tons of message about errors, need help, or how can I do which all are explained in wiki/documentation). It doesn't motivate me to do anything more.
    Best regards,
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  3. The problem is you cover basics and dont go into much detail I spent the better half of 3 days setting up the server with google cloud and I can see if I visit my dns flamein.ignorelist.com in the ucs console in logs that someone connected(although nothing else happens since your visiiting from the browser) but once in the game it just stays loading I opened a thread in support which is what you say to do yet I have recieved little to no help and guess what STILL having the same issue and I have read just about everything

    I even mentioned you in a different thread which you did not respond to and try to help and frankly im a little ticked off now reading your comment "help people when they are in trouble" the forum is dead as a doornail and im the only one who seems to have an issue and you have beeen on several times but you cant spare a moment to save me the agony of running through everything over and over and over to no avail? @MetroGaming
  4. So I guess if you read everything that means you tested the things, what are your firewall settings? Did you setup a rule on the google cloud console for your instance?
    As I said basics are done by me because it's the one which is the most useful, if you want to go deep you are simply on your own because I won't make a tutorial, write during a few hours for something that most people doesn't care about.
    My help with people is stopped because we are on holidays but I even take the time to check the forum to answer you.
    A forum is dead because people make it dead, not only me but you the users.
    Best regards,
  5. U would be surprised at what the issue was I was unaware that the dns type had to be "A" it mentions this nowhere so I was forwarding the dns to <ip address>:port when I should have just been putting the ip and that fixed it

    Also I will make a tutorial for setting up an instance for Google cloud and u can edit the docs to reflect the tutorial once I finish @MetroGaming

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