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[TUTORIAL] UCS Working with the latest Update

Discussion in 'Documentation' started by Eiffel, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. Hi !

    As we can see, a lot of people dont know how to make ucs working with the latest update.

    First, you need to decrypt .csv files with DarkSoul decrypter.

    Latest .csv files can be found in Clash Of Clans .apk / .ipa .

    Next, you need to clean you're UCS Database.

    If it's mysql, just send this 2 query :

    - TRUNCATE player
    - TRUNCATE clan

    Now download the latest UCS release, and put the previous decrypted .CSV in gamefiles folder.
    If Windows say if you want to replace files, click on yes.

    Next, edit the configuration file of UCS ( ucsconf.conf ).

    Edit the :

    - <add key="clientVersion" value="7.156"/>
    Replace with :
    - <add key="clientVersion" value="7.200"/>

    Save the file, and run gen_patch, upload the patch to your Web Server, and configure UCS for make it work with patch, so =>
    Edit :

    <add key="useCustomPatch" value="false"/>
    <add key="patchingServer" value="http://www.ultrapowa.com/"/>

    Replace with :

    <add key="useCustomPatch" value="true"/>
    <add key="patchingServer" value="http://YOUR-WEB-SERVER.EXT/"/>

    You can now start you UCS Server !
    The latest game version can connect.
  2. #2 naveen, Oct 15, 2015
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2015
    bro i did like u said but now its opening in loop bro its connecting again and again during the Downloaging content
  3. pls help bro
  4. Android Problems

    Yup, i think it's isn't working for Android Devices, many of my server players have this problem :(
    => Loop ( Download Content )
    => Crash...

    IOS Device don't have problems atm
  5. so what should i do bro....
  6. It's the server, not the device.
  7. But it works for me thanks
  8. Good tutorial, but most people won't even know what this is
  9. what u mean bro...?
  10. Thx m8!!!

    it's working for me problem update new game.
  11. #11 DTC, Nov 2, 2015
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 2, 2015
    Thanks a lot !
    It works !
    I add just some help for other people:
    "First, you need to decrypt .csv files with DarkSoul decrypter."
    => download clash of clan apk (((Edited)))
    => download and install 7zip (http://www.7-zip.org/download.html)
    => download and unzip it DarkSoul decrypter (https://userscloud.com/v1te6m5j3fzh)
    open the apk with 7zip and extract the csv (assets\csv\)
    put the csv in the folder Dark$oul Editor\In-Encrypted-csv
    run Dark$oul Editor => Decript csv
    a new folder Dark$oul Editor\Out-Dencrypted-csv is created where the decrypted csv are
    copy then to ucs0610\gamefiles\csv
    Remove the files in Dark$oul Editor\In-Encrypted-csv
    remove Dark$oul Editor\Out-Dencrypted-csv
    extract the logic(assets\logic\)
    put the csv in the folder Dark$oul Editor\In-Encrypted-csv
    run Dark$oul Editor => Decript csv
    a new folder Dark$oul Editor\Out-Dencrypted-csv is created where the decrypted csv are
    copy then to ucs0610\gamefiles\logic
    run ucs0610\tools\gen_patch.bat
    copy ucs0610\patch to your web server
  12. #12 Alice, Nov 3, 2015
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 3, 2015
    Steps worked for me too

    It worked, but a few parts from both tutorials here were slightly confusing. I'm just going to clean-up/rewrite/fully-explain the things DTC and BerkanHacker posted to make it as easy as possible for future readers to go through this and get past the parts I got stuck on, in one nice, formatted, post.

    Important first steps:
    • First you need to download the .apk (Android) or .ipa (iOS) file for clash of clans. This can be done simply by using an online service to download them, such as: ((APK Links not allowed))
    • Then you'll need a program called DarkSoul Editor/Decryptor. The one that DTC posted gave me a malware warning and I couldn't download it, but I found a slightly older version that worked just fine (and without malware!) for me, and reuploaded here: https://mega.nz/#!i4032LJR!CxM-ld99jIQiS25injN-Jqt08kHpZiz8l7Xlg9DlUPw (Not on userscloud since that userscloud site also makes my browsers go crazy)
    • You'll also need 7-zip: http://www.7-zip.org/
    • You'll need a place to host a folder online with the updated csv files.
    • (Optional: Notepad++ to edit config)

    1. Extract the .apk/.ipa file to a folder using 7-zip. For the sake of the tutorial, Ill assume this new folder is called /com.supercell.clashofclans/
    2. Extract the "Dark$oul Editor 1.2 CoC 7.65.zip" somewhere. For the sake of the tutorial, Ill assume this new folder is called /Dark$oul Editor/
    3. ----
    4. In the apk/ipa folder you extracted the files to, navigate to /com.supercell.clashofclans/assets/csv/ and copy all of the files to the folder /Dark$oul Editor/In-Encrypted-csv/
    5. Run the Dark$oul.exe program, hit the button on the top-left named 'Dencrypt' (Left side buttons are for csv, right side buttons are for sc files)
    6. It will decrypt the csv files and output them to /Dark$oul Editor/Out-Dencrypted-csv/ folder. Copy these new csv files to your UltraPowa folder such as /ucs0610/gamefiles/csv/ and overwrite all of the files.
    7. Clean up the Dark$oul folders by deleting all the csv files in both /Dark$oul Editor/In-Encrypted-csv/ and /Dark$oul Editor/Out-Encrypted-csv/, this is so you wont mix up files for the next step.
    8. ----
    9. Now we're going to do it again with the logic files in /com.supercell.clashofclans/assets/logic/. Copy all of those csv files to /Dark$oul Editor/In-Encrypted-csv/
    10. Hit that top-left button once again in the Dark$oul.exe program.
    11. Copy the decrypted files from /Dark$oul Editor/Out-Dencrypted-csv/ to /ucs0610/gamefiles/logic/
    12. ----
    13. Special note here: I couldn't figure out how to clean the database like BerkanHacker pointed out. I did this on a fresh server with no players so I didn't need to, but if you have existing players you want to keep, he said to run two sql queries: TRUNCATE player and TRUNCATE clan in your UCS Database.
    14. (This is the part that DTC forgot to include but is in BerkanHacker's original post) Go to your /ucs0610/ folder, edit the ucsconf.config file.
    15. Change the line with "clientVersion" from value "7.156" to "7.200"
    16. Change the line with "useCustomPatch" from "false" to "true"
    17. Save the config file but don't close it just yet. Navigate to /ucs0610/tools/ folder and run the gen_patch.bat file, which will make a new folder called /ucs0610/patch/ and have a folder with a long hash name of random characters.
    18. Now you need to upload this hash folder somewhere. For me, luckily I already have a web server, so I just made a .com/patch/ folder and uploaded it there. If you are running the server locally, you might have to find a place to host the folder for free, and I can't help you with that. For reference on folder structure, you can see ultrapowa's patch folder at http://ultrapowa.com/patch/
    19. After you uploaded the folder, go back to the config file you had open, change the line with "patchingServer" from "http://ultrapowa.com/patch/" to the online folder you did in the last step. Don't forget the trailing slash! Also don't specifically include the hash folder here, the ucs server will find it.
    20. Save config, close it, run the server. Clients will download the updated files from your custom patching server and be able to play.

    1 out of 2 android emulators worked fine for me after doing this. The other android emulator was stuck in a download loop. Simply exiting it and starting it back up again worked on the first try. BlueStacks doesnt fully close when you close it, so I recommend using the program BSTweaker to do a FULL stop so bluestacks doesnt continue running in the background.

    I hope this cleaned-up tutorial helped you all, it's the least I could do after the others' tutorials helped me out.
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  13. Thanks for the tutorial bro:)
  14. Can I do this for making UCS Compatible with Clash Of Clans 7.709.x?
  15. old thread but...

    is this the method to update server to use latest version of app?. or dose the ucs server source need to be updated?
    i have looked over the forums but am unsure how to make server work with latest version i see online that many private servers are using version 9.x.x of clash of clans so i know it can be done just want to be pointed in the right direction i appreciate any help given
  16. well no it can't be done just by updating csv or sc file Source code need to be modified in order to work with 9.x.x and many private doing because they have their own emulators i hope it helps sorry for my rip english
  17. yo everyone listen to my message,I see everyone. wanted ucs with compatitable with 9.xxx so here i have done ucs for 9.xx compatibility.If u dont beleive contact if u want comment here or in redvilclashcoc software thread

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