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[Tutorial] [Video Series] How To Start A UCS Server From Scratch

Discussion in 'FAQ & Tutorials' started by Kodi, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. In this series I made a few months ago, I show you how to start a UCS server from scratch, 1. Getting Started (Installing All Programs Needed Later On In The Series, Perfect UCS Setups) 2. Creating A Patch Server (To Store Custom Game Patches) 3. Teaching You How To Start A "Private" Server (Only The Host Can Connect Through His WiFi Network) 4. Teaching You How To Make Custom Mods & Graphics, Then Upload It To Your Patch Server From Earlier (Upload Your Game Patches To Your Patching Server) 5. Create Your Simple PHP Database to Store All Of Your Players/Clans Data On (Stores All Data/Progress To A Database) 6. Finally I Teach You How To Make Your Server "Public" (Anyone Around The World With Your Server IP Can Connect To It). And Everything Following After That Are Other Tips & Tricks Videos and Update Videos.


    PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to tune in to this Series, You Must Make Sure That You Do Not Skip Any Videos, Or Else You Will Most Likely Be Lost In The Tutorial And Wont Have A Clue On What To Do, So Watch From Start To Finish.

    Thank You
  2. Link down
  3. Does the apk requires rooted mobiles?

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