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RELEASE Ucs | 8.332.16 Beta

Discussion in 'Official Release' started by Chief, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. #1 Chief, Oct 25, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 23, 2016
    Hey Guys,
    UCS /w GUI
    The Version 8.332.16 of COC is supported and will be stable.
    Saving bugs for Troops, Spells and Buildings are fixed.

    Compiled Version with GUI:
    Modded Apk to connect (8.332.16):

    Patch Notes:
    • Fixed OutOfSyncMessage (by 200 Players and more)
    • Some changes by PacketProcessing (Commands & Messages)
    • New Ultrapowa Logo in Console
    • Added new Version Checker (checks for an Update at Start)
    • Wall Saving Fixed
    • Troops Saving Fixed
    • Stability Fixes
    • Removed License Check
    • Fixed crash with Top Players & Top Clans
    • Code clean up (Made it easier to actually read the console)
    • Fixed the loading screen when creating a clan.
    • Commands Simplified

    The UCS Team
  2. very goooooooooooood bro...
    You power Up again The Lounge Section...
    Encouragement for Donating...
    I will Donate again in this Month...Please put Donate Button in index and forum :p
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  3. Thanks,

    7.20 is now released, it's now out of beta stage. :)
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  4. Can you give me the source, rather people (donator) can help.
  5. UCS & Ultrapowa has changed so much since i joined, wow keep it going
  6. :)
  7. Yes we actually thought that donators should have something in returns to their kindly support to ucs!
    The donation "button" can be found on the homepage https://ultrapowa.com/

    Actually, we are switching to closed source. If you want to help the development you can send the application to become part of development team here

    Thanks! this kind of feedback keep us motivated! :D
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  8. lol it's donator section, I'm forget :)

    Any date for public release?
  9. There is no set date for public release at the moment maybe after 7.30 is released.
  10. Try again later
  11. Hello, I use the version you find training camp is not stable, and the game stop running
  12. I have fixed the issue. The file was corrupted during upload at first re-download files please.
  13. Just an FYI, even though UCS is out of its "beta" stage doesn't mean it will be absolutely perfect expect to see bugs once in awhile and in the case you do find one please report is ASAP so we can fix it up.

    Thank you.
  14. This version is very good. Hope to repair some of its shortcomings. Such as game crash, rescue forces of bugs。I'm looking forward to
  15. Can you please describe what you did to get the crashing or bugs? That would really help me & the devs fix it up. :)
  16. #16 Jack-chen, Oct 29, 2016
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2016
    Search competitors cause game crash in the loading progress bar in general. Very not easy to build good can't get into the game
  17. Does this version work with the latest COC version? Or is it one version behind?
  18. I can't start the server :(

    Error shown in the Screenshot

    Note: I am running it using Parallels on a Macbook using coherence mode

    Attached Files:

  19. Nope..this version works for 8.332
    new version coming soon
  20. Obrigado vocês são demais!
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