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Discussion in 'News And Game Update' started by dm1507, Nov 18, 2016.

    • Only English
    Salve quando esce la versione di ucs ?
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  1. Ucs support 8.551.24 when ?
  2. You have two possibilities:
    1) Aspects that the version is downloadable by all;
    2) Become a donator and you get immediate access to the latest compatible version before last Christmas update.
    (For info on how to become a donor, please send an email to the team)
    Happy Holidays!
  3. hi. new update is cool. thanks/
  4. hi. new update is cool. thanks/
  5. yeah oh no
  6. Why are you banned ne
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  7. Why did you bann me
  8. What are the changes in the new version
  9. Bug fixes probably

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