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RELEASE Ucs With 8.5xx Support (bomb Tower And Later) + Important Notice About Upcoming Releases

Discussion in 'Official Release' started by Eiffel, Dec 19, 2016.

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  1. #1 Eiffel, Dec 19, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 19, 2016
    Hello everybody!
    Has been passed since I post something. So how are you guys? I hope well.
    I wanted to personal post this because we started important changes in UCS development.
    1. First, as you all can see, thanks to our dev team, update are coming more frequently.
    2. Second, is that we switched back again to close source. (but on github you can still find the ucs 0.6 source)
    3. Third, we have changes our releases strategy: We first release new versions to donators then after some time the version goes public available.

    Since Ultrapowa community was opened (more than 2 years ago) a lot of things are changed.
    Starting from his founder, Ultrapowa, that has been busy on other project and due to this was forced to quit from ucs development.
    For who is with us since the start, you know, Ultrapowa community got his gold and bad period.
    Now I think we are rising from our ashes again and..."we are making ucs great again!" (self quote eheh)
    After this little introduction, I'm here to announce you that starting from the next ucs release (probably with the latest coc update) we will enable the license system:
    UCS will be always free, we do this as passion, and we like to see all these servers running ucs. we are so proud of what we have made!
    But, as we all know, there are some servers that are biggers than others, and with their bigness they are making a decent quantity of money (talking about 5 figures revenue not just xx$) thanks to advertising on their sites.
    For little servers, actually the license system will lead 0 changes: there will be always an free ucs version.
    At the moment, we are just planning the best strategy to make everyone happy, so futher news about this license system will be aviable here on our forum in the futher weeks.
    This was only a little, mandatory brief for you, because i think the community should always know what is going behind the scenes.
    After this, i'm proud of announce the latest ucs releases with 8.551 support!

    Change logs:
    • 8.551 Support (Soon 8.709!)
    • Clan Challanges
    • New GUI
    • New Parser Commands
    • New Auto Updater
    • New Version Checker
    • Bookmark Clans now
    • Edit War Base now
    • New GameOpCommands (like /status for the latest Server Statsu)
    • Load now Clans to the Memory
    • Full rework on Networking
    • Full rework on Saving
    • Auto detect dead Clients and drop them
    • /status (Show the latest Server Status in the Inob)
      /userinfo (shows the Player Info in the Inbox)

    • Troop training, as hot fix we just insert all troops unlimited in PVP/PVE ;)



    Click Me;

    Patched Apk:

    Click Me;

    Let us know your feedback!
    Eiffel, ultrapowa community team.
  2. nice release i hope soon UCS can create more games support like Supercell games in one Emulator,Modern Combat 5, Dragonball Dokkan battle etc, then i think we will get more users and ucs will have more donators.
    i am sinds 2014 on this forum and now ucs is back again and thanks to the Team
  3. Remember about me xD...Anyway,Expect a new update really really really soon
  4. I wonder if this would be easy to update.
    antz likes this.
  5. Nice job guys
  6. Dear donator...Prepare your self for 22/12!
    daivid2000 likes this.
  7. ??ok
  8. i hope with new license protocol you can add more games like Clash royale it will be very nice if donators who pays gets more that will let buy more users a donator function and ultrapowa will earn.
  9. Clans are unstable - most of the time if you create a clan, go for an attack then return home, it will crash. You gotta clear your appdata to get back again, as it will crash in loading screen. No one will be able to join that clan then, because he will crash too.
  10. Yes,I just finish reading supercell packet at found there is miss match byte.Now changed it and Clan should no longer crash
    daivid2000 likes this.
  11. UCS is now 8.709 compatible!
    Knight King, Patrik and daivid2000 like this.
  12. Hello! UCS8.709 soon?
  13. Today is 12/22/2016

    and dev team promis us a great gift;)

    we should wait and see :cool:
    antz likes this.
  14. Hi,
    almost everything is ready for release, we need to do a few test. We hope it will be ready today.
    I love this update, it has ice wizard!
    daivid2000, antz and Patrik like this.
  15. Can't wait! :D
  16. woohoo!!!
  17. Merry Christmas
  18. Any support for IOS people ?

    I tried to search almost the whole form and there is very little documentation on how to get the server to work for IOS devices.
  19. Thanks to the whole dev for making such great things.
    But please, there are also iOS users, like me, so make ipa's too.
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