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RELEASE Ucs With 8.5xx Support (bomb Tower And Later) + Important Notice About Upcoming Releases

Discussion in 'Official Release' started by Eiffel, Dec 19, 2016.

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  1. why clash of clans crash when i try to patch?
  2. Hey Guys I know there is close to little support out there for IOS people. So i am going to try to change that.

    Here is the patched IPA that works for this latest server
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/1a4o045f9isdcw6/Clash of Clans Patched v8.551.24.ipa?dl=0

    I will also create a complete detailed documentation for IOS people today.

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  3. Eiffel I miss you XD
    Thanks to every Ultrapowa DevTeam for this release, enjoy know Christmas please, you need it!
    Eiffel, one question, what is a big server for you? Thank you for all :D
  4. thank you ! <3
  5. log in failed. please help me.
  6. What are the errors fixed in new version?
  7. great gift of end year :)
  8. how to remove Troop training, all ? it's already insert
  9. To avoid crashing users, delete Alliance building, no one will create a aliance. "Mega Hotfix" lol.
    Money money money ultramoneyyyy

    If (alliance_id != 0)
    moien007 likes this.
  10. :D lol, +REP

  11. lol thanks
  12. Can not download... Click on the download button, has been advertising
  13. I would like to know how to repair BUG:(
  14. thank you
  15. Hi
    Why i got error in version error: please check network i con not check version and not listening to the port 9339

    But in v0.7.2.1 get this error but ucs listen to port 3993
    But in attackbar show all with 6969 count
    And not a good. Hot to fix this in version 7.2.1
  16. Hello! I found a question to join tribe after the game crash
  17. Hi
    How to change ucs attackbar with all troops with 6969 count to normal attackbar like older ucs version?
  18. i found a bug :
    the saving is not full yet! sometime the saving not working !
  19. Pls update to 8.709
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