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Ucs Release Informations

Discussion in 'Official Release' started by Simon, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Hello Ultrapowa Community,

    you already know that UCS has been leaked (UCS Prebuild for 8.709.x). With Version 8.551 we decided to set the Repo to Private, after the first Time were UCS has been leaked we thought anyone has been "hacked" or had a Keylogger running on his Computer. But there were no Virus/Keylogger/Malware etc, after some Days I found out that the "nice" CrayCray gave UCS to the Kiddy Berkan which not leaked it until 11 Days ago (which he already removed before a Takedown clap clap). After CrayCray leaked UCS Aidid gave UCS without asking anyone from us the Source to Patrik which we definitely not allow. After a DMCA Takedown a part of his Site was down. 2 Weeks later he uses now a Client "Installer" which is just a simple Browser created in Android Studio and the HTML Files are in the App, very good if you want to update the Links.

    Anyways UCS will be released soon for FREE and Paid. The free Version of UCS has limited Features like:
    1. The Maximum Amount Players which can be online are: 200.
    2. The GUI with a lot of Functions for managing the Users and Clans will be only available in the Pro Version not in the free Version.
    This are the current limited Features for the free Version because most of them want a lot of Functions etc.
    The Code of UCS will be obfuscated and can't be readed via Decompiler.

    Release Date: Unknown (~in 1-2 Week/s).

    Thanks to Aidid which gave me the Code of his patched UCS-Exploit to fix the Bugs in UCS and make it safer then all older Versions. Maybe Aidid is switching from an Indian Scammer to an ordinary Person (Chance is by 10%).

    Ok, this was all to say, see you guys soon!
  2. #2 MetroGaming, Feb 5, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2017
    Sneak peek #1 : perfomance
    Sneak peek #2 : GUI PART 1
    A B C
    I love this dark blue not you?
    Sneak peek #3 : GUI PART 2
    A B
    Our bot is able to spam the chat XD
    Sneak peak #4 : GUI PART 3
    Soon more...
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  3. Sneak peek #1 added
  4. omg, each user take 2mb of memory ? :eek:
  5. It depends but yes between 1-10mb/player. CPU won't become too crazy too (if you have a good processor ofc) (max I got with 2.30ghz is 50%)
  6. Yes alliance, gui if used , etc...
  7. When is Sneak Peek 2 released.. ;)
  8. for buy the paid version ( i just have a simple question ) we need to buy it on every update , or just once or just i need to become a donator via 25$ ??????
  9. *
    It's online!
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  10. I am an ordinary player, but I want to play pro version,do you support alipay?
  11. Nope its strictly said that you have to buy a license for getting a pro version. ;)
  12. I want to ask is, do they support Alipay to pay the money
  13. Sneak peek #3 added!
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  14. So....
    Public server like mine
    Or Yaguilarro
    Which earns less money doesn't need to pay licence ?
    With no limit of 200 players?
    Yaguilarro likes this.
  15. Stop asking same things here, wait for the official release and the plan's release.
  16. i only see its recoded and some new things added but what about the game changes ?
    you are going release a paid version that means users want see the diffrents :
    - sc editor must be updated it will be nice
    - more features than the free version
    - more updates then waiting every 2 months

    and what about the donators?
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  17. When is Sneak Peek 4 released ;)
  18. Sneak peek #4 added,
    For all who are asking regarding the license and what this will mean / how to buy it, don't worry.
    We are planning everything, when we will have news about it, we will inform all the community.
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  19. look like i dont need pro version,but i still want to pay for that

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