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Ucs Release Informations

Discussion in 'Official Release' started by Simon, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. mayben tommorow
  2. Will this release fix the troop bug? Having so many troops on the bar makes attacking ...not fun
  3. When will it release??
    • it will release to donator section (true ?) so you need wait one\two week
    • you download it
    • if you make server you need to buy license
    • you'll enjoy maximum resource's
  4. #26 MetroGaming, Feb 22, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2017
    We're almost ready ;) (we are testing to make sure that there isn't any bug)
  5. #27 wrong, Feb 22, 2017
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 22, 2017
    Hello all, Good to hear that you guys are releasing UCS I 'm willing to pay if all the PVP features are updated and working and more features for the admins ..
  6. We are currently testing our release candidate and preparing differents version(working on plans, licence system etc...)
    Our release date is as soon as it's ready, therefore don't ask for ETA. We will give you a countdown.
    An youtube video will be linked here this weekend with all details about UCS and plans.
    Feel free to ask any question (plans question won't get an answer)
  7. do you support alipay?
  8. Here the video:

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  9. Nice work.

    Since you did not want to show the game play do you have a summary of what has been improved or fixed since the last release?
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  10. This has been why ?, I as a user ultrapowa feel disappointed with the attitude of the developer now is not like it used to, because why ?, formerly ultrapow it was free, and why now should require users to pay, this means what ?, I know you want to look for money, my mind as the user must buy the license only just for this application, developers now have been foolish, silly, and poor, always asking for money !!!!
  11. very good question :) also is clans, clan challenges, donation of troops, pvp, and unlimited troops patch now fixed and/or removed?

    its nice to see new features on server side, but what about client side? its a bit hard to see the logic in a monthly cost if those client side issues are still there...
  12. Passion is something that makes anything better. The question is... Do they need money or do they want money?
  13. As we said it before, we do it for passion but some servers abuse of ads and earn thousands of dollars monthly so we want to keep a part for us. If you can't pay for these plans use ads on your website. We made this to make everyone able to pay them.
    I let @Clash of Lights answer this part ^^
  14. We already found a Temp Fix and it will work in the new Version.
  15. see for people like me i don't run USC server online for earning money or another thing ... i need it just to host a monthly tournament , just once a month. so paying a monthly fee and when features like clans, clan challenges, donation of troops, pvp etc are not working or fixed whats the use...dosen't make sense..

    please note i m not against anyone... i truly appreciate all the developer hard work
  16. Clans, Challanges and the Troop Training works.
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  17. And PVP. PVE are working.
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  18. will be waiting for release
    and i'm new to this filed and i don't want to start any private server
    can i get the donated version as i don't want it for any private server it will be just for me and myself.
    you can trace me any time and any where if you find i can get means please get me
    that will be thank full to you all and ya i appreciate all the dev who work for it be bug free and updated

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