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Ucs Release Informations

Discussion in 'Official Release' started by Simon, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Is it now saving the following?:
    • Skeleton Traps - Air / Ground
    • X-Bows - Ground / Air-Ground
    • Infernos - Single / Multi
    When training these things are the difference between a 3 Star and 90% 1 Star
  2. :):) @Clash of Lights very happy to hear that all this are working.. great work..
  3. Expect a new "Cache" Database soon ;)
  4. ?
  5. link plss ..I'm fan of this work .....I hope troop training is fixed...
  6. Good! Very hoped Updates!
  7. Been waiting for it for a very very very long time...
  8. hi guys can you give me the patched new apk to connect ucs 7.3.0
  9. Hey, as u all know UCS 7.3.0 IS finally released to public. That's good for all. But I dont find any link to apk. Will there be any apk or Can we connect using original COC apk now! Thanks☺
  10. it's stuck here QQ拼音截图20170310135717.png
  11. No custom patch in new version?! That's suck a lot... Impossibility to change server's meta is making UCS useless for me T_T . Easily to play a original CoC. Eeeh...
  12. In the source of UCS, it was fine looking.
    Like this.
    But in, it is crazy.
    Like this and this.
    Ha ha ha.
    It's too funny.
  13. Are you one of Devs? where did you get the 0731 source code?
  14. LOL that's not real code of UCS
  15. I am not a developer.
    I got this from the UCS.exe file of UCS
  16. Are you sure?
  17. he is not having the 0731
    check the text again and check the image again its clearly shown that its 0631

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