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Discussion in 'Official Release' started by Eiffel, Apr 30, 2017.

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  1. #1 Eiffel, Apr 30, 2017
    Last edited by a moderator: May 6, 2017
    Hello everyone, we know that you were all waiting for this moment and here it is. We are proudly releasing UCS version We know that we have taken a long time to release this version and the reason was that we were making sure important things were taken care of, making your experience with UCS more comfortable.

    This release brings lots of new exciting features to UCS, such as:

    Change log:

    1. 8.709.x Compatibility.
    2. New GUI.
    3. Improved performance ( UCS has never been this lightweight. )
    4. New Packet Managing.
    5. New GameOpCommands.
    6. New Console Commands.
    7. Many other new additions and bug fixes to keep you satisfied.
    8. Implementation of Redis as DB cache.
    9. New license management .

    Game Experience:

    1. Fixed Clans Crashes.
    2. Added Clans Troops / spell Donation.
    3. Fixed Troops Bug: Now they are properly managed.
    4. Fixed Login Problem.

    With the version we have introduced plans. UCS remains free for personal/little servers, but for commercial use you have to get a license. We are making UCS out of our passion and while we are providing a lite version of UCS with all high-end features but, remember, even though are doing this out of passion there are certain things that we need to pay for.

    There are 4 plans: Basic ,Sustainer, Professional, Enterprise;

    You can see them here:

    License Center (UPDATE: license center has problem with paypal. Use license Center JUST for make a lite license, if you need a plan take it from here: http://www.ultrapowa.com/forum/account/upgrades)

    All the plans share the same feature (patching,gui,etc) the difference is how many slots the ucs has.​
    Here is some quick info:

    • By Receiving or opening or decompiling or downloading the ucs you are bound to the Eula
    • The plans right now are activated manually (the lite one is automatizated) , so the deploy time should be in ~24 hours after we get the donations.
    • The price are intended monthly.
    • Donators get a FREE month of Basic to thank them for their trust in us.
    • The Plans are for IP/Server That's mean that if you have multiple servers, you have to get an extra license.
    • Sharing the license is prohibited, if we discover any fraudulent use of the key, it will be suspended and will not be activated anymore.
    • The license is bid to the first ip registred, that's mean if you are a server owner, open it on your vps/dedicated and not on your personal pc, else will be bind to it.
    • The key is provided only by ME (Eiffel), so, if someone, that isn't me offers you suspicious proposal immediately report it to me via a pm. In any case, a member of the Ultrapowa Team or a "your friend" is authorized to send you an offer.
    • As we know, On internet there is a "leaked" version, all servers that are using this leaked version have 7 days starting from now to use the official release with plans system, after this time, we may proceed via legal ways.
    • Other than the legal things, we have just noticed that these leaked versions had some virus inside them, most of them are silent keylogger that tracks every information you input via keyboard. To maxize your security, please avoid using that version.
    • Ucs is provided with an End-User License Agreement, you can find it here.
    The "Donators" Rank will be replaced by "Partner" Rank
    The Partner rank is a temporal rank and lasts until you have a valid subscription active.
    This is not yet active.

    How to get a plan:

    1. Go here http://www.ultrapowa.com/forum/account/upgrades , choose which license you want, and proceed via PayPal.
    2. Pm Eiffel with the following template:

    3. In about 24 hours, we will provide you with your license.

    4. Don't forget to enter your key in the config file (config.ucs)

    A huge thank to all ultrapowa team. Without them we couldn't release the new UCS
    Feel free to ask any question here or in our support section.

    Ucs Download Click Me

    Patched APK

    Patched IPA

    New users? Need help? Take a look at Documentation 2.0

    Bug Report:

    UCS Bug Reports
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    Last edited by a moderator: May 2, 2017
    Known issues
    • Saving will not work properly with Mysql. We recommend to use Redis
    • GUI and premium feature won't work on some plans (fix coming next week)
    • To get your local ip you will have to open CMD and enter ipconfig (fix coming next week)
  3. Please go to support section to report any bug!
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  5. UPDATE: Patched IPA for IOS available
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