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IMPORTANT Ucs Bug Reports

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Eiffel, May 9, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone, just a quick reminder:

    Please post any bugs that you experience with the new UCS version here. We will take care of them ASAP.

    The Ultrapowa Team.
  2. custom patch + gui are not available in free version :( please support it
    Jay69v likes this.
  3. is this only for 64 bit windows version ? is there available for 32 bit, thanks before
  4. When enabled the custom path is giving login failure
  5. We don't support 32 bit due to performance issues.
  6. hi which gui and custom patch is not available on the lite version
  7. Hi
    Saving to the SQL database still does not work.

  8. Did we say that we fixed db? @tc-maxx
  9. Why Gui is not available for free like litle function but with a GUI please
  11. Hi Jay which GUI you talking about
  12. oh ok, thank you!
  13. hi guys

    the bug I feel thats still here is that players must b online to attack them
  14. We are looking into this bug, we will give some feedback soon.
  15. Hi guys

    When the village to the maximum when the edit takes me out of the server
    A photo of the error http://imgur.com/a/1z79e

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