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IMPORTANT Ucs Bug Reports

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Eiffel, May 9, 2017.

  1. @kashifkhan0336 i use my public ip (no "no-ip" using) and all work great...

    @M-JKay you have a screenshot with the error ? please post the link here.

    The licence system is a really BIG fucking over problem just for more $$$$$$$$ (no problem with it) but UCS is basically free... now is pay- to-launch and some command restricted (GUI is for platine licence now) T.T
  2. @M-JKay you are sure you have entered a valid key ?
    and for static ip use no-ip (tap in google) tutorial in other section forum
  3. i always used valid key, but after 24 hours the key is invalid :(
  4. And this key have 24H ? xD
  5. If you talk about ucs, No, it's not a bug, a file has to be loaded so if ucs can't find the file to read it will return a crash. That's not bad developed that's how are the programs, you tell them where to search if it's not there it won't search for another location. The only way to make a new location would be to add new lines in the config for the file's path.
    If it's coc patching, there might be an error in the patch.
  6. hey metro can you check my thread in the support section ive tried literally everything i can think of and my issue still hasnt been resolved
  7. when i am openinig ucs it telling mysql server is missing ,host is also missing what to do

    Attached Files:

  8. THE commands not working and i already changes it too 5
  9. well well testing reply!
  10. guys what does this error mean ? where can possibly be the problem?

    Attached Files:

  11. you need to setup sql server
  12. Hello, the file on rar and corpse
  13. Eagle Artillery not attcking
  14. How many troops are you putting down? It needs to be a certain number before artillery is activated
  15. The link is broken. Can someone upload the UCS v7.4.0.7z file?
  16. hello, I have an error, I got ultrapowa clash server stopped working, can someone help me?
  17. Hi guys please help me!
    I can not download the apk from ucs 7.4.0 it stays at 0% and it does not get out of it! Can someone upload it to me in mediafire?
  18. I have re-done all the steps and can not save the players in the player table.
    Any tips?

    Thank you!
  19. Have you loaded ucsdb sql file into the data table?

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