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RELEASE Ucsweb 1.1.6

Discussion in 'Community Releases' started by lordmorales, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Hello ultrapowa community.
    I share with you my work with which you can grow more with your servers as they will be able to offer a new experience to your players, giving them the possibility to be able to see your progress in a website, as well as to see resources and administrators of your server, To blocked people on the server.

    New Features
    • Player Profile (general data such as name, level, experience, resources, device and even your region in future versions)
    • Clan Profile (general clan data as their name, description, cups, and clan members as well as donated and received troops)
    • Ranking of players that includes name, experience level, cups etc.
    • Ranking of clans that includes name and levels of the clan as well as its capacity
    • Compatibility with PHP 5+ (You will no longer have compatibility issues with current versions of xampp and wampp
    • Download module (They should open the file and modify to my liking own modifications of my server)
    • Guide module (Remove ban from Clash of Clans)
    NOTE: Currently the ranking of players and clans only shows all records but does not make distinctions of who is the number 1

    Open config.php file and edit it with the data of your server


    Soon new updates and modules

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  2. You rock, keep up!
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  3. Update Patch Fixes

    This is a small correction to show the clans perfectly

    This correction is to show the rare names and characters, it will also eliminate the blank spaces where no names of players

    Preview: http://theclashofthrones.servegame.com/index.php
  4. great work bro, thx
  5. Ah.. I too am working on thisâ˜ș maybe we should combine ideas...

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