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Updated Private Server Redvilclashcoc

Discussion in 'Official Release' started by PragaDeesh, Oct 22, 2017.


Do you like our server to do more mods and clash royale troops

  1. Yes,Sure

  2. Maybe

  3. No

  4. Your wish

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  1. RedvilClashCoc is a Coc Private Server.Created September 23 2017.

    About Server
    • We started our journey in September 23 2017 as I told above.
    • Our Server was first hosted with Alibaba Cloud but it's changed to a good company than this.
    • We will release mods every week or even everyday if I am free.
    • We have released only one Server which is a modded server with several mods.
    •Servers are 24/7 online.Servers restarting sometimes when a new mod release.
    Built on 8.7xx

    Server 1 Online
    Server 1 is built with several mods.
    -Unlimited troops
    -Unlimited Buildings
    -Custom Heroes
    -Custom Troops
    -Custom and Modded spells
    -all costs 1
    -upgrading and build time 0
    -increased attack time

    Join our diacord server for help,giving ideas and new updates
    Link for discord:http://RedvilClashCoc.cf/discord
    Join our Facebook page too:http://redvilclashcoc.cf/group


    Thanks to Ultrapowa for the software.

    -Custom Heroes


    -Custom Buildings

    -Increased Attack Time

    -Custom Troops and Spells

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