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QUESTION Useless Dmca? Smart Clash

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by karansanjeev, May 18, 2017.

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  1. @Nameless,Wanna know why we get threat to get DMCA?

    Because we are ahead them in every factor (PVP,Clan and Player logic),
    So they are trying to stop us using the claim we are based on UCS Code

    Also,We never generate money.We did say we gonna open a partner program that require server owner to share 5-10% profit with us,But did we do it?No

    As you can see,I have enlist DarkSoul as our partner because he is our friend that I had know for few years
  2. #22 MetroGaming, May 19, 2017
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
    You are ahead of "us" because you did nothing when you were in UCS team, not a single feature in months exept some copy paste. (same for col). As I said many times if you worked well on UCS we wouldn't be here trashtalking each other. You left when you saw that you could work on something new and give up on UCS, It's opportunistic and it shows your weakness. For a few $ you leaked our source, you quit, you comeback, you copy paste.

    UCS base used : proof #1 proof #2 (ik you're gonna say it's heavily edited but it still UCS) (and got some more)
    That's not a try it's truth.
  3. I'm sorry to infrom you but Proof 1 is lol..You don't know indirect respone?! I said BL IS UCS BASE,FUNNY

    What I mean from that..You saying BL is ucs base? Funny

    I think you need to learn

    Also for Craycray respone, I don't know what he is thinking but we do not use UCS as our base lol.

    Also I did not left because I saw craycray working on something better

    But I left because I want to start A better project with craycray.

    Remember?UCS Team has no teamwork,COL is like don't even care about CoC now.And can you inform me..When did I leak UCS Source code?

    Anyway,I think it's the best time for bug bounty program right?
  4. My bad, it's fixed ;)
  5. Thanks for the award!!!

    But why I comeback?
    I planned to help UCS rise but now I believe

    I gonna help ucs go down quietly..

    Hope you solve the 9.x update!!You have the best dev

    We at BL for sure can't do it since we just copypaster....We know nothing
  6. Just so you know... they never asked me for money. It was me, myself who promised them that I will backup their project because I believe in them.
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