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IMPORTANT We Need Your Help!

Discussion in 'Announcements From Network' started by MetroGaming, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Hello, Everyone.

    I'm writing this because my dear friend, and I guess a friend of many people here, PaperTown, our developer for the clash royale server URS, is having a very very bad period.

    His mum, since 5 months, has Breast Cancer.
    The situation in India isn't the one we have in Europe/America, this kind of disease requires a lot of money for treating, for who doesn't know the remedy for Cancer is the chemotherapy, a painful, strong and expensive medication.

    Till now she had 5 cycles and after the scan, the doctor said that it was very well treated. The medication was given every 21 days and it costs about $705 each. so all that amount was paid by his father's company health insurance.
    Still, she needs to take 3 more cycles and now the health insurance life time has ended.
    You can understand the affection of a son to his mother, the entire family is very depressed since they don't see the light out of the tunnel.

    But with our support, I feel we can do something for them.
    That's why we've started a fundraising for help this family that is having a really horrible time. Everyone here can contribute to help them, by making a donation directly to Papertown's Paypal.
    There isn't a min or max donation and nobody is obliged to make one. But, in our little, I really hope we can do something to help him and his Family.
    You know, we are talking about saving a human being here, a mother. Everyone is welcomed to make a donation independently from who you are or what you do, if you like our work or not. I really hope I can count on your help. These are some useful data:
    Paypal for donation: papertown6@hotmail.com
    Paper's town Discord ID: PaperTown#5494 (even a support message is welcome)

    Best regards from the team.
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  2. Sounds very hearttaking to me, If your dev can reply in this post, and tell me that it's true or he can prove it to me, I will donate 100%.
    Before that, I cant understand pce
    PaperTown likes this.
  3. He'll answer tomorrow since it's already night for him in India.
  4. Hello Brother / Sister. Yesterday I wasn't online since its night for me, I was sorry for that. I really appreciate your Kindness to my situation, I Heart fully Thank you for any amount of donation to me. :)
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