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Whats This Clash-js Emulator Ive Been Hearing About ?

Discussion in 'Clash of Clans General Discussions' started by MvP, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. hello i've seen a few posts mentioning the emulator clash-js what is this emulator? that can run the latest coc app is it downloadable to people or is it sold as a software somewere anyone know what its all about let me know
    • This emulator is made by Nefiro Studio and in another language than UCS called node-js.
    • Not available to the public anytime soon. No one has access to source including servers owners running the software so don't expect anything. They are the partners and it's limited to people running big servers right now.
  2. Yes I know this because i contacted nefiro for clash-js partner ship.
  3. @MvP You can buy clashers republic and run Builderbase server.The only way or with ucs grow your server somewhat big and ask nefiro for clash-js partner ship
  4. yes but clashers republic costs $ 2.5K
  5. ok guys thanks for the infomation
  6. Lmfao.. is that the latest cost? Im sure the currency is rupia hahaha yeah it aint worth that amount xD
  7. No @antz its 2.5k dollars.I asked Aidid.He tells he will increase them if for the newer versions of coc.He Goanna work in cr with rocketland
  8. The price to get it that is bs, obviously, you shouldn't buy it. You won't ever get back them since 9.105 is an older version, nobody will be on these servers ;)
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