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How to create your APK?

  • AdvancedApkTool (here) (in tutorial AAT)
  • Modded apk (on the release post)
  • A DNS (no-ip etc...)
  • Notepad ++ (google it)

If the APK is not signed
  1. Run AAT
  2. Put in the folder 2-IN the apk (remove any space in the name)
  3. Write 2 and enter, select the number of your apk and enter (wait it might be long)
  4. Go in the folder 3-out, select the apk's folder, go to lib and in the 2 folders there is libg.so
  5. Edit these libg.so with notepad ++ , search for gamea.clashofclans.com,remove it and write your own DNS domain.
  6. In the main folder of your apk there is an androidmanifest.xml you can edit the process name (com.supercell.clashofclans) to your own (for dual apk)
  7. Save the files, go back to AAT, select the 3rd option, apk's number and the 4th option.
  8. In the folder 4-Done there is your new apk.

If the APK is signed (you can not decompile the apk
  1. Put your apk in the 4-OUT folder
  2. Open the apk with rar/7zip app
  3. Extract the libg.so from the 2 folders, edit them (Step 5)
  4. Replace the original ligb.so in the apk (put them in the correct folder or it won't work)
  5. Open AAT, select 5 and pick your apk

The tutorial in a video